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Hollywood AC Repair Hollywood, FL 954-393-0890A life without an air conditioner in the sweltering summers of Hollywood, FL is just not possible. In fact, the importance of an HVAC system in our day-to-day lives and in battling unbearable summer heat cannot be gauged. However, choosing a unit that is apt for your purpose and property is equally important. Rely on the expert advice of Hollywood AC Repair, to help you to decide which air conditioner to install in your new home/office or to replace your old one. Call us on 954-393-0890 for any professional assistance required to handle your air conditioning job without any glitch. Your comfort matters to us and we have dedicated ourselves for the last couple of years to maintain your peace at home or office with our quality, cost effective and professional services.

What we provide?

Assessment and selection:

While buying an air conditioner there are several important factors that are to be kept in mind and not to be decided without professional advice.

We have our team of certified experts to offer you the best guidance possible for selecting the correct AC for your application. Choosing an AC is not just flipping through the catalogue and placing an order. Factors like design and size of your property has to be kept in mind along with an array of other aspects like sun exposure, room insulation, ceiling height, etc. Our expert team of professionals considers all these features to determine what is best for you.  

Installation – the right way

Your decision to replace your old AC unit might be for two reasons: Either you want to update it with the latest modern version or you are doing away with your AC because it cannot be repaired. Whatever it might be, you can trust on Hollywood AC Repair .We go by the rule book when choosing the appropriate machine for you, installing it thereafter and ensuring that it works to its optimum capacity and makes you comfortable. The best part of signing with us is that your warranty remains intact because we have been authorized by reputed manufacturing AC companies as installers.

Some of the tasks we undertake:

On existing structures:

  • Split system installation: A split AC unit is suitable when a part of your property needs air conditioning.
  • Window AC:  A combined condenser and compressor are affordable and can be easily installed.
  • Central AC: We also install these systems that are popular options in commercial sectors although many contemporary homes are now using it for centrally cooling/heating purpose.
  • Ductless systems: Ductless units are installed in places where there are constraints of space.
  • Portable air conditioners: If you have to shift your home/office often, we recommend these handy ACs for you.

On new structures:

  • Lay out the ductwork: For the installation of an HVAC system in your new home we do the layout planning of the ducts and implement it. 
  • Insulation:  Lack of proper insulation will make your cooling system struggle, no matter how brand new your AC might be. The technicians from Hollywood AC Repair will insulate your home to help your AC unit work to its optimum capacity.

Dial 954-393-0890 to avail services from the best installation specialists in Hollywood, FL area.