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Nestled in the warm southeastern region of the country, Broward County is nothing short of an urban heaven that is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, ambient weather, pristine waters and a thriving population. Yet, it’s hard to believe that the present-day Broward was literally just a wasteland only about a century ago suffering from years of neglect and lack of development. Like many other modern townships, Broward too grew leaps and bounds after the advent of the industrial age to become a remarkable story of transformation and progress. Today, Broward is home to roughly 2 million permanent residents and is a perfect example of how human progress blended seamlessly with the beautiful gifts of nature.


Broward didn’t become a sophisticated urban center overnight. Initially, the region was just a vast open land with the small community gradually shifting from agriculture to industrial activities. Back then, the region’s warm weather enticed people from all over the country to start a new life in Broward. However, with rapid progress and development, the face of the county changed drastically with hotels, resorts, buildings, malls, hospitals, etc. all cropping up all over the place. With Broward have to accommodate its increasing population, space constraints started becoming a real issue and turned summers more and more unbearable. Today, the only way to survive the scorching heat in Broward is by confining oneself in the cool comforts of an air conditioner. But what’s interesting is that the downside of the industrial age growth was countered by an invention that’s the byproduct of the very same era – the good old AC!

Today, summers in the region can send the mercury soaring through the roof. Life, during the peak summer season, would potentially come to a halt if not for the air conditioner. Needless to say, when machines are in such high demand, so are those who help keep them running through the season. For the local community, Hollywood AC Repair is the brand that answers to all their AC-related needs.


With years of experience and a good reputation among the locals, Hollywood AC Repair is one of the finest established brand offering top-notch air conditioning services to businesses and the general population. Need a quick-fix or full-blown installation job? Here’s why you should only rely on us:

We’re the experts: When it comes to air conditioners, our experts know what they are doing. Unlike local technicians with hardly any training and solid background, our technicians are handpicked from the best finishing schools and undertake extensive training to handle all aspects of the job efficiently.

We’re on time: Making our valuable customers sweat for hours while they wait for a technician is not our idea of service. We assure all customers a response time of just 15-20 minutes and come prepared for any kind of emergency to restore your unit back to its normal working condition.

You get access to it all: Be it installation of centralized unit at commercial premises or quick refrigerant refill, we offer all types of AC-related services under one roof. Plus, you can avail our wide range of services even in the middle of the night at no extra charge!

Here’s what we offer:

  • Hollywood AC Repair Hollywood, FL 954-393-0890New AC installation and maintenance
  • Quick repairs
  • Cheap maintenance plans­
  • Expert guidance
  • Indoor air quality enhancement
  • Central air conditioning repair
  • Quick emergency response

And more

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